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Kilu’ufi & Kirakira Hospitals Master Planning

Malaita and Makira / Ulawa Provinces
Kramer Ausenco (SI) Ltd
Funding Agent
Solomon Islands Ministry of Health & Medical Services

The Government of Solomon Islands (GoSI) Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has acknowledged that physical and human health resources in the Solomon Islands have struggled to meet service demands and that primary and secondary health facilities in particular are now in need of major upgrade and replacement.

The MHMS engaged Kramer Ausenco (SI) to review the delivery of public health and clinical services at Kilu'ufi (on Malaita Island) and Kirakira (on Makira Island) provincial hospitals and assess their performance against current GoSI health policies and MHMS health service delivery packages and role delineation guidelines with a view to preparing guidelines for their future upgrade / redevelopment to enable both hospitals provide their designated services as Level 3 General Hospitals. 

A&L were engaged by Kramer Ausenco (SI) to provide Health Planning and Health Facilities Architectural Services to the project, including:

  • Visiting both hospital sites and carrying out a detailed health services analysis;
  • Prepared a ‘Gap Analysis’ framework confirming current service delivery at each hospital and identifying the additional infrastructure, human resources and health services needed to meet the MHMS service delivery packages and role delineation guidelines for Level 3 General & Provincial Hospitals;
  • Prepared a Functional Program Analysis for the upgrade/redevelopment of each hospital based on Australasian and PNG Health Facilities Guidelines; and
  • Prepared master plan options and layouts for each hospital site, including presentation plans, perspectives and functional diagrams.