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Buka Hospital Scoping Study

Buka, Autonomous Region of Bougainville
Charles Kendall and Partners (CKP)
Funding Agent

A&L have been appointed to undertake a Scoping Study of Infrastructure Works at Buka District Hospital (BDH). The objective of the Scoping Study is to provide a briefing document that can be used in the process for engaging Design Consultants to undertake design of infrastructure development as recommended in the Scoping Study.

BDH was originally designed as a District Hospital (Level 4), but has largely operated as a Provincial Hospital (Level 5) for the last 15 years. It is decided that BDH will remain a Level 4 facility with some Level 5 services provided as the Autonomous Boungainville Government (ARB) have recently announced funding for a feasibility study for the reinstatement of Arawa Hospital as the Provincial Hospital. Arawa was the administrative capital of Boungainville and was well served with port and air transport facilities as well as health facilities including a modern Provincial Hospital. However, much of this infrastructure was destroyed or seriously damaged during the ‘Boungainville Crisis’ (1989 – 1997). Buka Hospital was constructed in the mid 1990s intending to serve as a District hospital in the expectation that the Provincial Hospital in Arawa will be re-built. However, a new Provincial hospital has yet to be built and in the absence of such facility, BDH has been acting as the Provincial Hospital for the last 15 years and is now operating beyond its design capacity.

A&L led an in-country Master Planning design mission: coordinating meetings with stakeholders; and carrying out a detailed technical and functional evaluation of BDH.

An Inception Report was submitted for peer review in March, 2013. Several issues were highlighted in the Inception Report in regards to the Terms of Reference and were later resolved and confirmed by the stakeholders, the resolutions were included in the Final Report. A draft Scoping Study Report was submitted in May 2013 and the Final Report in September 2013.