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Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector

Samoa Quarantine Operations Centre

Matautu Wharf, Apia
URS Australia Pty Ltd
Funding Agent

A&L was sub-contracted to manage implementation of a new ‘one stop shop’ Quarantine Operations Centre on the main wharf in Apia, Samoa. The new facility complements a major overhaul of the national quarantine service and is strategically located at the main port to screen both imports and exports – protecting regional biodiversity and agriculture. The facility includes public reception, permit office, administration, inspections area, truck / container inspections, fumigation and incineration facilities, secure chemical store, large vehicle wash-down bay and an elevated ramp for inspection and washing of small vehicles. A conference room is also provided for education of community / school groups and in-house training.

A&L carried out full site investigations, client project brief formulation, project design, facility design, documentation, tendering and contract administration of the facility and site services. A&L was responsible for engaging all sub-consultants required for design and implementation of the project. Strict daily Construction Supervision ensured high quality construction throughout.

Design, materials, finishes and construction systems were specified to ensure the facility could be readily maintained. Sustainable local materials were used wherever possible and the local cultural centre was engaged to carve the large timber entrance columns with motifs depicting local flora and fauna. The facility was designed to utilise natural light and ventilation to avoid the need for costly air-conditioning. The building is also provided with deep eave overhangs to shade windows, whilst taking advantage of views over Apia harbour. The building is designed to combat the severe tropical climate, earthquakes and cyclones.

During construction, A&L worked closely with nominated Quarantine staff – building capacity and developing skills and procedures related to ongoing maintenance of the facility. On completion, A&L provided Operations & Maintenance Manuals – including maintenance schedules and on-going budgets - to ensure the facility will serve its community for many years.