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Master Plan for the Nauru Multipurpose Health Facility (MPHF)

Government of Nauru through the Ministry of Health
Funding Agent
Australian AID

This master plan study involved the following key components:

  1. Develop a Clear Public MPsHF Mission Statement: Provide infrastructure that supports National Health Policy and Plans, focuses on key health priority areas and assists in the adoption of models of care appropriate to the needs of the people of Nauru and the technical and operational resources and skills currently available.
  2. Site Planning and Layout Considerations: Carry out a thorough technical and operational appraisal of the existing hospital campus and the proposed MPHF site. Provide recommendations for the appropriate reuse of existing infrastructure and equipment and the location of the new facilities.
  3. The Proposed Overall Building Design: Undertake detailed programming of the recommended infrastructure and equipment and develop site and building layouts that will support the efficient and effective delivery of health care services.Develop a staging and implementation strategy that addresses the priorities, programming and operational requirements of the Department of Health and Medical Services (DOH).
  4. The Estimated Budget Requirement: Prepare development budgets that address the agreed staging and implementation strategies. Identify strategies to maximise local engagement throughout implementation.We provide you a huge range of different composing solutions, which you are able to take advantage of if you end up in a challenging academic location, and you want additional time to take care of each the tasks and assignments before you. We never compromise when it comes to the quality of the newspapers, and you'll be given a beautifully written document on each event, making us the very best essay writing services uk on the market.

As Team Leader for this master plan study, Mr Tim Dobell-Brown was responsible for leading 2 in-country design missions; coordinating meetings with all relevant stakeholders; inspecting, measuring and documenting existing facilities; evaluating the logistical, operational and climate change characteristics of alternative sites; managing a baseline analysis of current health service delivery in Nauru; coordinating the input of the master planning team; preparing and evaluating a range of alternative planning layouts and options; presentation of findings and recommendations to stakeholders; preparing interim and final reports.