Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector

Primary Health Care Expansion Project (2001 - Current)

Asian Development Bank

This ADB funded project provides support for the development of primary health care services to the northern half of Laos, including Bokeo, Luang Namtha, Phong Saly, Oudomxay, Luang Prabang, Houaphanh, Xien Gkhuang and Sayaboury Provinces. A&L is contracted directly by the ADB to provide specialist architectural design and planning advice to the Laos Government and set up construction and contract management systems to allow major upgrading of hospitals & health centres at both district & provincial level.

A&L has been responsible for developing overall master plans as well as managing the development of extensive civil works, new and refurbishment of existing facilities, implementation programs, design, documentation and construction.

Following initial development of detailed designs for Provincial and District Hospitals and Health Centres, A&L has continued to manage, supervise and monitor the work of Laotian Architects and Engineers throughout design development, documentation, services coordination, tendering and construction. An important element of project implementation is the close monitoring, inspection and quality control of all projects during construction and assisting local consultants in the transparent contract administration of the works.

Flexibility in the design of facilities and contractual arrangements (both consultant & contractor) has allowed modifications to accommodate the special requirements of the SARS outbreak and H5N1 Bird Flu during the project.

A&L has been particularly involved in preparation of bidding documentation, calling tenders, hosting public tender openings, assessing bids and preparing construction contracts – areas critical to the transparent delivery of public infrastructure. However, A&L’s major role in this project is the overview of quality control during construction and to monitor progress reporting procedures.