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Samoan Parliament Complex Upgrade Project

Australian AID - Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

2012 marked 50 years since Samoa gained independence from New Zealand. To mark the occasion, the Government of Samoa requested that Australia fund “needed renovation works” on the Parliament Building. In response to the request AusAID commissioned A&L to complete a scoping mission and Concept Note to assess the viability of the project. The mission recommended that the Government of Australia work with the Government of Samoa to redevelop the Parliamentary Complex.

Based on the Concept Note recommendations AusAID commissioned A&L to manage a team of architects and engineers to prepare a Project Design Document (PDD) which supports the development priorities of the Governments of Samoa and Australia. The PDD recommended a framework for delivery of a staged masterplan for the redevelopment of the parliamentary complex over a 4 to 5 year period.

A&L fielded a team of Architects and Engineers and developed a PDD which identified and developed key milestones and project stages together with the necessary contracted inputs and included:

  1. design inputs such as the institutional framework design, project governance and management model design, technical standards and building specifications guidance which feeds into the draft design document;
  2. a detailed procurement plan including approval points and processes;
  3. Architectural Brief Building conceptual layouts, project delivery method, M&E framework , risk management strategy, financing plan, cross cutting issues and management matrix;
  4. consultation workshops ;
  5. detailed TOR for all project personnel inputs to be funded including building design services and construction and construction management services;
  6. analysis and integration of policy issues including anti-corruption, child protection, environment, and disability;
  7. a financial framework for the project design and construction which outlines the indicative areas for support, and
  8. a draft Scope of Services and Basis of Payment for a future tender process.

Based on the Design Brief the Government of Samoa appointed architectural and engineering consultants to design and manage the construction of the upgraded complex.