Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector

Vanuatu Health Care Strengthening Program (VHCSP) - Capital Works Program

Port Vila, Efate Island & Luganville, Espiritu Santo Island
Ministry of Health of Vanuatu
Funding Agent
Agence Francaise De Development (AFD)

In January 2007 Alexander and Lloyd Australia Pty Ltd (A&L) were engaged by the MOH as the VHCSP Project Architect to manage the delivery of a Capital Works Program to support these key VHCSP objectives. The scope of services requires A&L:

To manage the architectural, engineering, building and site services design & documentation sufficient to enable construction contractors to tender for the provision of new and refurbished infrastructure, facilities and services at NDH Hospital on Espiritu Santo; and the construction of a new School of Nursing at VCH on Éfaté; 

To assist the MOH to manage the tender processes and contract award for both construction projects;

To ensure that construction work on both sites progresses in a timely fashion and is carried out in accordance with the contract documentation; and

To identify appropriate medical equipment and prepare specifications and other documentation necessary for their procurement, installation, commissioning, operation and ongoing maintenance. Assist the GoV during the equipment procurement process.