Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector

Rural Health Project (2005 - Present)

Upolo & Savaii Islands
Kramer Samoa
Funding Agent
World Bank

This rural health project was carried out under the broader umbrella of the World Bank funded Samoa Health Sector Management Program and required the development of new rural health facilities at three pilot sites on Upolo and Savaii islands. New facilities were required to conform with the recently adopted MOH Rural Services Plan and to address MOH service and operational constraints.

A&L provided the Health Infrastructure Specialist responsible for confirming the development brief at three sites, Aleipta and Poutassi (Upolo) and Safotu (Savaii) with MOH and stakeholders.

Preparation of design options for the development of a generic District Hospital layout addressing the requirements of the MOH Rural Services Plan. The generic layout had to be flexible so that it could be adapted for used at a variety of sites in different locations throughout Samoa.

Coordination and review of construction documentation of the generic District Hospital.