Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector

Manus Provincial Police HQ & Police Station Redevelopment

Lorengau, Manus Province
Cardno Emerging Markets
Australian AID - Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

A&L were commissioned by Cardno Emerging Markets to prepare surveys of existing facility, architectural and engineering concept designs, construction documentation and manage the construction tender process for the redevelopment of the Manus Provincial Police HQ complex in Lorengau, Manus. Currently offices and housing for the Manus Provincial Police HQ are derelict and unable to accommodate the required increase in staffing levels.

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The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) has been identified by the Australian Government as one of the immediate key law & order agencies that require review and expansion of its current building facilities to contribute to improved service delivery to the population growth, vast sea, increasing economic activity and added responsibility in Manus Province.

One of the immediate concerns to start addressing an improved service delivery by the

RPNGC is the redevelopment of the Manus Provincial Police HQ and Police Station (PPHQ) which currently cannot accommodate all divisions, prisoners, police personnel, and other specialised functions such as an Armory.

Being one of the key issues to address, in order to contribute to this underlying theme, the PPHQ building has been identified as an area for improvement and upgrade that could significantly improve service delivery of the RPNGC and law & order as a whole.

In November, 2014, A&L led an in-country design mission: coordinating meetings with all relevant stakeholders; inspecting, measuring and documenting existing facilities; evaluating the logistical, operational and climate change characteristics of the site of the existing and proposed MPPHQ. This was followed up with a consultative meeting with stakeholders from the RPNGC, representatives from the law sector, health sector and various community groups in January 2015. A Concept Design Report incorporating baseline study findings, concept design, structural and geotechnical reports, and costs was submitted in April 2015.

Following the approval of the design concept, construction documentation for the proposed PPHQ were prepared by A&L and submitted in July 2015 for review. A tender issue was then submitted in August 2015. The tender process took place in September 2015 where the process was managed by A&L.