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Nauru Learning Village - Phase 1: TVET Centre

Yaren District
Government of Nauru through the Department of Education
Funding Agent

In 2006, the Nauru Department of Education (NDoE) produced a paper “Footpath for building better schooling infrastructure”. The paper proposed the construction of a "Nauru Learning Centre", consisting of secondary and tertiary education facilities. The first stage of this Centre was completed in 2010 and included all facilities for the delivery of secondary education services and part of the facilities required for Trade and Technical education. The Centre’s second stage were to comprise the construction of:

  1. A Technical Vocational Education Training (TVET) Centre for Automotive and Marine Technical Training.
  2. The Nauru USP (The University of South Pacific) Centre.
  3. A community library associated with the USP and including the USP library.
  4. A community centre associated with the library and connected to the USP audio-visual lecture room ICT and satellite set-up.

The second stage of the Centre were to be constructed in two separate phases, consisting of:

Phase 1: TVET Centre for Automotive and Marine Technical Training;

Phase 2: Nauru USP Centre, community library and centre.

In 2011, The Government of Nauru appointed A&L to prepare the Learning Centre Stage 2 Feasibility Study based on the NDoE’s “Footpath for building better schooling infrastructure” paper and the 2010 Cabinet Paper for the funding of a Feasibility Study.

A&L provided a Concept Design Report that included the Feasibility Study, Concept Design, Construction funding availability, tendering and construction strategy and programme.

A&L then led an in-country design mission to site inspect, measure up the existing building footprint and work in consultation with NDoE staff in order to produce a schematic design and design development. The schematic design includes both the TVET Centre for Automotive and Marine Technical Training and Nauru USP Centre. Following the approved design development, A&L prepared the documentation for construction and tender, provided services during the tendering process as well as contract administration services during construction. Research work and composing rich papers may create any student feel stressed. But, there may plenty of hurdles which students need to overcome which can be nerve-wracking and nerve-racking for many. These motives could be a lot ranging from bad study and drafting abilities to inadequate time and also the shortage of editing abilities. On the flip side, many pupils tend to be faced with strict budgets and fiscal limitations. For many students, we're an inexpensive essay writing service which provides them a thorough solution to their newspaper at the cheapest prices. We supply our own uk custom essay writing service to ensure it is a lot easier for the pupils to achieve their newspapers at a conscious fashion rather than at a flurry of the rush. Phase one construction started in March 2013 and is construction was completed in 2014. A&L is providing the services for contract administration.