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Samos-Abu Hamad Agricultural Facility – Feasibility Study

Abu Hamad
Hassad Foods

Hassad Food was established and is owned by Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) with the goal of investing in agricultural businesses and projects around the world. Core to Hassad’s development strategy is investments in regional countries. Sudan is one such country where Hassad recognises significant opportunities for agricultural development. As a result, Hassad investigated the development of a large irrigated agricultural production facility in Northern Sudan, located in the Abu Hamad Region.

Hassad had undertaken preliminary investigations of the proposed site, which had resulted in a positive outlook for the development. To confirm initial finding, Hassad commissioned a detailed feasibility study to confirm, or not, the feasibility of the proposed development and justify, or not further investment in the planned development of the site. The Feasibility confirmed the viability of the project and the project is currently under construction.

Hassad commissioned A&L to develop an architectural brief for the design of a building complex comprising staff housing, dormitories, offices, workshops, clinic, stores and mosque for approximately 300 workers. The architectural brief forms a key component of the Feasibility Study for the Abu Hamad Farm Development. The architectural brief will define:

Based on the architectural brief A&L were commissioned to prepare schematic design options to discuss with Hassad Management and the technical team and to determine cost projections associated with the proposed building infrastructure.

Based on the schematic design A&L prepared a scope of services for an architectural consultancy to: (i) Develop the concept design, (ii) Prepare construction documentation and building approval (ii) Prepare tender documentation, (iv) call tenders and prepare tender recommendation and (v) Administer the building contract on behave of the client.

A&L were also requested to contribute to the determination of phasing of the development and assist the project team in activities associated with incorporating their findings in the development of the final feasibility study document.