Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector


A&L’s focus on sustainable planning and design processes allows the company to develop infrastructure solutions that are appropriate to the diverse range of ethical, cultural, social, economic, technical and environmental requirements of our Clients and other stakeholder groups.


A&L believes that a full and inclusive consultation process is necessary to achieve best practice infrastructure outcomes.  A&L’s consultative processes are highly collaborative and are framed by consensus.  They focus on ensuring that the site layouts and building designs accurately reflect stakeholder and client requirements, that the construction process minimizes risk and inconvenience and that the buildings can be completed on time and within budget with minimal ongoing operational and maintenance costs.  A&L’s consultation process is client focussed and allows for both formal and informal knowledge streams to be presented in a group setting and ensures that processes are cultural and gender inclusive.


A&L commence each project by preparing a detailed Project Implementation Plan (PIP). Among other things the PIP ensures that:

  • lines of responsibility are clearly established, sufficient resources and appropriately skilled staff are allocated to each project;
  • project milestones and outputs are identified within the context of an overall project implementation strategy;
  • progress against milestones is continually assessed to ensure that inputs will be timely (meeting milestone and program requirements), coordinated (through regular design team meetings and programmed reviews) and meets budgetary requirements. This allows for the prompt identification of issues impacting upon the program and strategies for their resolution to be considered;
  • a review and audit schedule is established to ensure that all project outputs (e.g. planning parameters and guidelines, building designs and documentation) are reviewed and verified as complying with the clients brief.

By providing appropriate direction and resources the PIP assists staff and sub-consultants in their implementation of project activities in accordance with A&L’s documented procedures.