Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector


A&L have been working in the overseas foreign aid and development assistance sector since the 1970’s. The majority of our projects in this sector have been in developing countries. Projects have focused on the provision of infrastructure and equipment to strengthen capacity predominantly in the Education, Health and Law and Justice sectors and have included hospitals, laboratories, schools, universities, court houses, prisons, police stations, institutional housing and training facilities.


A&L have many years experience of master planning building facilities around PNG and the pacific which have included:

  • Extensive consultation with stakeholders.
  • Condition and functionality baseline studies and surveys.
  • Preparation of development scenarios that take account of current trends, reflect future expansion and reduce recurrent operational and maintenance costs.
  • Establish control guidelines that identify appropriate development standards and building typologies that satisfy master plan requirements.


The majority of A&L's projects involve design and project management. A&L has developed and maintains an impressive network of Australian and international consulting companies, including procurement and development assistance specialists, to compliment the Group’s own expertise on a project to project basis.  A&L will establish a Joint Venture (where a strategic position may be enhanced or where value can be added to our clients’ requirements) or act as the lead consultant recruiting and managing project teams on behalf of the client.

A&L also have a significant track record of successful Construction Management, both on a commercial scale and at community level, were the Group has engaged communities and local builders to implement a variety of infrastructure projects. In addition, A&L have often operated under the logistical challenges associated with development in remote and inhospitable sites, including limited transport, limited technical capacity and the use of appropriate construction materials and techniques.

A&L are familiar with the operational constraints that exist throughout the Asia and Pacific region, in particular where they relate to meeting international construction standards and performance requirements.  A&L are aware that local contractors can struggle to meet prequalification requirements and their construction management skills are undeveloped, local procurement processes often do not meet donor transparency requirements and the quality of available construction materials varies.  On all our projects, A&L work closely with local contractors to strengthen their capacity, and to reduce the Client’s exposure to non-performance risks.