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Beikut Prison Master Plan

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Australian AID - Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

In 2008 A&L prepared a Master Plan for a new prison in Bougainville on the site proposed for Beikut Prison. Only a small part of this prison was built. In 2016 the Government of Bougainville requested the Government of Australia provide a consultant to revisit and update the master plan.If you're a student with difficulty in these kinds of topics, doing assignments for these classes could leave you crying,"do my homework for me" But there's a simpler way to find homework help compared to pestering among those egg heads out of your economics class. Having a business like homeworkhelpmate, you can purchase affordable homework assistance that provides you reassurance. We concentrate on a complete selection of help in essays, to laboratory reports, to dissertations, to conventional assignment help.

A&L were appointed as the master planning consultant and commissioned to review the 2008 plan and prepare a new plan that would:

  • Preserve the high-level planning principles and goals expressed in the original plan.
  • Align with both CS strategic plans and ABG’s planning for the justice sector in Bougainville over the next 5 years.
  • Recognise the interdependencies within the criminal justice sector and the potential for the Beikut CI to relieve existing custodial pressures at the Buka Police cells in the short term.
  • Be conducted in full and open consultation with CS and the ABG in line with the findings and recommendations of the ‘PALJP Infrastructure Impact Evaluation’ (2013).
  • Remain sensitive to the underlying political and bureaucratic relationships between GoPNG and ABG.
  • Recognise the need for the involvement and participation of local landowners and other stakeholders in any development program.

A&L provided a team of engineers and architects to deliver the following outputs:

  1. Initial Review Report
  2. Site Assessment Report
  3. Consultation Report
  4. Draft Master Plan Document
  5. Final Master Plan Document

The Master Plan Study included staged site layouts, concept designs of the individual buildings and structures, outline specifications and specific sections on:

  • Site and Environs including environmental assessments.
  • Associated Works such as site infrastructure services
  • Engineering Services which will ascertain future service needs
  • Sustainability Services which will defined the environmental and social objectives of the project.
  • Initial Designs
  • Recommendations on Operational issues
  • Concept design drawings