Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector

Construction of an Elementary Teachers Training College

Port Moresby
Coffey International Development
Australian AID - Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT)

This project forms a part of the Education Capacity Building Project. It is the first of several sites to be redeveloped throughout PNG. The aim of the project is to improve the existing PNGEI site in Gordons by providing new and refurbishing existing facilities for staff and students. All proposed buildings are to be integrated into the existing campus. Construction is due to begin August 2008.

Alexander and Lloyd prepared the design, tender and contract documentation and will administer on behalf of the PNG Education Institute Port Moresby the following building works:

  • New double storey Classroom
  • New male and female Dormitory
  • New Staff Housing quarters
  • Upgrading of existing Mess and Kitchen facilities