Alexander & Lloyd Group

Architects and Project Managers for the Aid and Development Assistance Sector

Health System Development Project (HSDP) (2008 - Current)

Lao PDR Ministry of Health
Funding Agent
Asian Development Bank

This ADB funded project provides continued expansion and improvement of the health delivery system in the eight northern provinces of Laos. The civil works component identifies and remedies any ‘gaps’ in health service coverage resulting from the previous PHCEP and other donor-funded projects. A&L is contracted directly by the MOH to provide specialist architectural design planning advice and governance advice to the Project in the delivery of a number of new and upgraded district hospitals and health centres.

A&L is providing the International Consultant Architect for this project, responsible for working closely with the Ministry of Health and the Local Architect Firm during all stages of project design and implementation, including site investigations and assessment, client project brief formulation, overall master planning, sketch design, 3D modelling, developed design, cost planning, preparation of bidding documents, the tender process, contract administration and construction supervision.

A&L is responsible for developing master plans for 4 new or upgraded district hospitals and assistance to the project management office in the design and implementation of approx 20 new health centres. A&L is responsible for managing, supervising and monitoring the work of a local firm of Architects and Engineers throughout design development, documentation, services coordination, tendering and construction. An important element of project implementation is the close monitoring, inspection and quality control of the project during construction and assisting local consultants in transparent contract administration of the works.

A&L will be particularly involved in preparation of bidding documentation, calling tenders, hosting the tender opening ceremony and assessing bids – areas critical to the transparent delivery of public infrastructure. A&L will also be closely involved in the preparation of construction contracts, the overview of quality control during construction and monitoring progress reporting procedures.